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a student, teacher, sister, daughter, friend, baker, thrower of dinner parties, jumper at the opportunity to fail, made of unicorn breath and Danish summers, and lover of sunflowers.

Defining my point of view.

As a baker or pastry chef (or whatever people want to call me), I struggle with defining what my style is.  I know where my passions lie and the chefs that left lasting memories in my career, but how do … Continue reading

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Oxheart Restaurant updates: it’s the little things

There are some things in life no one tells you, so you can figure it out on your own.  They say what doesn’t break you, makes you. We don’t quite agree. While working on opening Oxheart for the last couple … Continue reading

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arriving at Oxheart Restaurant

As long as I’ve known Justin, he’s always wanted to have a restaurant of his own.  If you’ve been around long enough, you know that Oxheart’s food was not what he envisioned years ago.  You would also know that I … Continue reading

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Going Home.

I don’t belong in NYC.  Maybe when I was in finance, right out of college, single and chasing the life that meant lots of worldly stuff and badly needed vacations.  As a happily married wife, 1,500 miles of distance between … Continue reading

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Being a cook is one of the most humbling jobs I have ever done.

A pretty personal entry. Anyone who says, “OMG, you’re a chef? (replace interchangeably with pastry chef).  That’s so cool.” must not know how hard it really is. It is not that kinda of cool.  It is sometimes fun and most … Continue reading

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NYC as a bread baker

The hardest decision I may have ever had to make resulted in me going to NYC alone – to make viennoiserie (aka croissants, danishes, puff pastry, etc.).  Justin did not come up with me.  We decided that it would be … Continue reading

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Still Not Home

Just because I am back in Texas doesn’t mean that I feel “at home.” (Yet.) The moving around In our short married life, we’ve been everywhere. Less than three months after getting married, we packed our bags to Chicago where … Continue reading

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“Best” baguette in Paris

When I was in Napa, working at Bouchon Bakery, I thought we had the best baguettes I had ever tasted and seen.  The lunch baguettes, to me, were the most balanced – nutty, sweet and a hint of sourness (from … Continue reading

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A look back: my first “stage”

At the time I started my 3 month stage in Younvtille, I could not realize the impact the experience would have on my career.  I had some previous experience in bakeries and restaurants, but I consider this to be the … Continue reading

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“Home”ward Bound?

As of today, we are leaving Copenhagen.  We’re ready, but we’re not – ready – to go home.  I’d love to stage some more, but our 3 months of being in the Schengen area (EU minus UK, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, … Continue reading

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