arriving at Oxheart Restaurant

As long as I’ve known Justin, he’s always wanted to have a restaurant of his own.  If you’ve been around long enough, you know that Oxheart’s food was not what he envisioned years ago.  You would also know that I was “destined” to be a partner in a really boring desk environment.  Thank goodness that all changed when we began our nomadic adventure.

Without a home to call home, we have been given much opportunity to explore all types of cooking and baking.  A high-level breakdown of our lives since I jumped into the restaurant industry and away from my useful economics degree: Chicago for pastry school, Napa for the seasons, Europe for staging and a white Christmas, living in NY to “test” the strength of our marriage, with the gaps between in transit.

The next few years I can gladly say we will stay put in Houston, Texas and start a family.  Not that kind of family.

We are so excited to be starting this adventure with all of our friends and families we have amassed along the way. We hope you will be a part of it.  Our blog will transition into one that follows our less nomadic lives at Oxheart.  Until then, I leave you with this, courtesy of Yuling Designs.

About Karen Man

a student, teacher, sister, daughter, friend, baker, thrower of dinner parties, jumper at the opportunity to fail, made of unicorn breath and Danish summers, and lover of sunflowers.
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5 Responses to arriving at Oxheart Restaurant

  1. Nishta says:

    big BIG congratulations on starting something that’s yours–and your logo is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Quite excited about Oxheart and LOVE the logo!!!

  3. Mac says:

    Very nice! Congrats! Maybe one day, you can host a internship looking for new paths as you guys 🙂

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