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USPS, the worst customer service in the… world?

So our time abroad was not all filled with jumping bunnies and pretty, pretty pansies. There were a few downers, but may be the biggest one came directly from back home. It was known as the United States Postal Service. … Continue reading

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Snapshots of Geranium

So maybe it was better that I didn’t take pictures at Geranium, they would have paled in comparison to these that Trine over at You can read her account of Geranium here. Great insight, just from the photos. (I … Continue reading

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“Best” baguette in Paris

When I was in Napa, working at Bouchon Bakery, I thought we had the best baguettes I had ever tasted and seen.  The lunch baguettes, to me, were the most balanced – nutty, sweet and a hint of sourness (from … Continue reading

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Two posts in one: what I’ve learned, and my soapbox.

Whenever I chat with others back at home on my off-days, the most often-ringing question I’ve been asked is: Well, what have you learned there? Well. I’ve learned the virtues of cleaning kilos upon kilos of whelks. I’ve learned that … Continue reading

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A look back: my first “stage”

At the time I started my 3 month stage in Younvtille, I could not realize the impact the experience would have on my career.  I had some previous experience in bakeries and restaurants, but I consider this to be the … Continue reading

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