“Home”ward Bound?

As of today, we are leaving Copenhagen.  We’re ready, but we’re not – ready – to go home.  I’d love to stage some more, but our 3 months of being in the Schengen area (EU minus UK, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus) without a visa is up.  Basically we can’t get a work visa in Denmark unless no one else in the country of Denmark can do the job I can do; thus, not stealing anyone’s job.  We’ve been asked to stay; but if we do, then we can’t legally come back for a long time…..I’ve even been proposed to, well sort of…but it wouldn’t work out because I’m already married.

The first thing people ask us when we say we are coming home soon is what we are going to do when we get home.  First, we don’t know where “home” quite is.  Napa was our most recent home where our last jobs and lives were, but Houston is where all our material goods are stored – rent free.

The answer is officially and without a doubt – make some money – quick.  We’re giving ourselves until March 1st (2 weeks) to make some sort of decision on whether or not to stay in Texas.  We’re very open to jobs in Napa, Seattle, and Portland. (I would bake bread at BouchonBakery NY/per se in a heartbeat.)

We honestly have tried to enjoy our time here without worrying about the decisions we must make.  It’s never easy leaving a job to stage abroad, especially if the job didn’t send you abroad with the security of having paid work when you return.  We both turned down some really good offers to go abroad.  There’s always a job.  It’s the nature of the industry.  Sometimes life is more enjoyable when not everything’s planned.

But first, London and Paris for an eating marathon – anyone got a tapeworm I can borrow?


About Karen Man

a student, a sister, daughter, best friend, baker, thrower of dinner parties with friends, taker on challenges, jumper at the opportunity to fail, an awe-experiencer, and lover of sunflowers.
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2 Responses to “Home”ward Bound?

  1. You make Lisa and I proud and eat your little hearts out. It was great meeting you guys. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. At a pole dancing event perhaps? Have fun and good luck.

  2. Lisa Lov says:

    Did you say tapeworm? I have one! Or AM one! Take me with you!!!!!!

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