AOC update

So my time at AOC has flown by.

Yesterday was the last day of service before they broke for Christmas (why in the world do we in the US never have breaks in restaurants? It only makes sense to actually give the restaurant and its staff to breath. Damn capitalism.) (TKRG not included. again) break. I’ll be back there for New Years Eve prep and service before I start at Geranium on January 5th.

I’m sure I’ll get around to posting some thoughts on AOC again soon, but here’s just a few pictures of the food. Just to note, a lot of the dishes have final components that aren’t shown on the picture because some of the food is extremely temperature¬†sensitive.

The front kitchen

shrimp, sea beans (not shown, aerated mayonnaise, crumble)

Razor clams, beet, dill, horseradish. (missing a frozen disc of beet juice on top of the emulsion)

Frozen Veal, pre-frozen veal

Frozen veal, now complete

What I mean by perfectly cut circles. Yes, those are pieces of parsley cut into circles. Missing are the rings of shallot that are the exact same size. Squid dish, kohlrabi, served with a black currant sauce.

Danish oysters, quail egg, cauliflower siphon

"Autumn" dish. Sweetbreads, sunchokes, apple, chestnut, hazelnut crumble, shiso. (Not shown: the "ambiance" which is a bowl of dried leaves and the sounds of blowing wind (really) and the brown butter sauce served tableside)

Pork, spring onions, garlic (not shown, sauce tableside with pork reduction, ash, elderberry capers.)

Pear, tea, lemon, and lemon thyme. Yes, these stones are for dessert.

We’re headed to Jutland, the Danish countryside for Christmas. I’m not sure if I’ll post anything before then, so if I don’t, whether you’ll be in Houston, Napa, Seattle, Canada, LA, Chicago, Iceland, Belgium, Denmark, or anywhere else in the world, everyone have a very Merry Christmas. I hope it’s filled with time with people you love.

And lots of good food.

And drink.


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We cook, and bake at Oxheart Restaurant in Houston, TX.
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2 Responses to AOC update

  1. Tucker says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It has been extra fun since I just got back from a culinary tour of Copenhagen that included Herman, AOC and Geranium (first day). Followed By NOMA. Then Oubaek and Kiin Kiin. Keep up the good posts and Take some pictures of some football games in the Geranium Kitchen.

  2. Diane says:

    Merry Christmas from Houston…hope to see yall soon!

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