last day in Heuvelland, Belgium

It has definitely been quite and experience here in Dranouter, Belgium.  After spending a month in Kobe Desramaults’ kitchen, I have learned to really appreciate what they are doing here.  How often do you have a chef that considers their stages as one of their own staff?  How often do you get to plate next to the chef? How often do you get to work in a restaurant that is so humble they keep pushing themselves to be better?  How often do you see the chef mopping the floors and cleaning after service when he’s dead tired.  In de Wulf.  They serve the food I want to eat everyday in a refined and approachable manner.  Nothing on the plate is molecular or unidentifiable.  Everything is fresh, prepared to highlight the highest quality, and with a lot of passion.  In de Wulf’s food does deserve two Michelin stars.  But even stars cannot paint the picture of the experience at In de Wulf.  Stage for a month and you will understand what I am trying to explain but cannot.

I cannot thank the people of Heuvelland enough for the experience and hospitality they have shown Justin and I.  We even have our bar that we go to in Poperinge. 🙂 We definitely feel like we are at home here.  We hope to visit in the summer where we can forage more and attend some festivals. I wish everyone the best here and hope to see them again.  It is a small world.

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(pictures include: our thanksgiving staff meal; the chocolate line by Dominique Persoone, meester chocolatier; foraging for herbs at freezing temperatures; me working the pastry line with my buddy Martijn)

Food can take you places you never imagined.  I know I can travel anywhere in this world and find comfort, job and friends.  Salud!


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We cook, and bake at Oxheart Restaurant in Houston, TX.
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