Creaky bones

I had a “ah ha” moment after working with people who were mostly younger than me.  That moment was You’re Old. These 21-24 year old males had exponentially more energy than I.  I can’t keep up with their fast twitch muscle fibers.  They walk faster, talk faster, stir faster and don’t seem as tired after 16 hour days when they go out after work.  I go to bed and have a hard time getting up in the morning.  This isn’t to say that I can’t keep up the workload.  I just use my energy wisely and conserve it at every possible moment.  The kitchen wasn’t supposed to be familiar to us – this is why we came out to Europe.  Justin thinks kitchens in Europe are just younger because the cooks start younger and there are fewer career changers.  I guess we’ll confirm this after the conclusion of our trip.  Despite all this, I envy the younger years.  I wish I had that energy to go hiking, running, or something athletic after a long week of being on your feet, but I (by I, I mean we) sleep the whole weekend and wake up only if the hunger pains wake us.  Unfortunately for us, we are really in the middle of no where and would have to walk a couple of miles to the nearest sign of civilization (minus the restaurant and where we are staying) to give us some caloric intake.  We try to freeze left over staff and smuggle it home so we don’t seem so pathetic.  Sometimes, MTV, National Geographic and European music video channels can divert the mind from hunger.   All in all, at the end of the day, at least I won’t gain any weight living out here even if my caloric intake is higher every day.  My body can afford it.  The gives and takes of being old-ER.




About Justin

We cook, and bake at Oxheart Restaurant in Houston, TX.
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1 Response to Creaky bones

  1. Lisa says:

    I openly take staff food home…. is it really so pathetic?

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