A peek “In the hills” (In de Wulf)

1, Our walk to the restaurant.

2. The dining room

3. The kitchen

4. What in the world is a stage doing plating the food?

5. Rilette of crab and cod, winter purslane with winter purslane juice, potato, and wood sorrel

6. Chocolate, beets, and granite.

Not a lot of time to really update. Our weekends have been pretty full.

Last week, we were in Antwerp where chef did an event, and yesterday, his book released so we threw a party at the farm where they get a lot of their interesting produce. There’s not currently an English version, but one can only hope. Today was the premiere of a television documentary about the restaurant, and next week, the Michelin guide comes out.

Here’s hoping to two stars for In de Wulf, Chef Kobe, his dedicated staff, his loyal customers, and all the stagiers that put in time here.

As they say here: Sante!

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We cook, and bake at Oxheart Restaurant in Houston, TX. www.oxhearthouston.com
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